We put the interest of our clients first. We give each client the attention to build a plan that is best. - Paul M. Embree

Who We Are

EMBREE FINANCIAL Group (EFG) is a Wealth Management Firm comprised of a group of deeply committed professionals who deliver tailored guidance and a unique client experience to a select group of individuals, families and corporations in the Chicago area and around the country. Our mission is to be an essential partner with our clients by helping them to build upon their past success while providing customized expertise and resources.

Private Wealth Management
Tailored Guidance

With success often comes complexity. Your trusted partner should help guide and advise you on keeping your financial house in order. The large financial firms do not provide a personal approach to wealth management and are beholden to deliver products that may not always be in your best interest. You need an organization that is attuned to your needs first with a focus of providing deep support to help you anticipate and adapt to ongoing changes.

Retirement Plan Services
Plan & Participant Level Services
EMBREE FINANCIAL Group (EFG) is ranked among the industry’s leading Retirement Plan Consultants, and with a growing business and proven successful history, we work to understand what people care about when it comes to their financial wellness, and we know how to guide employees toward a comfortable retirement. Working with both plan sponsors and plan participants, we strive to engage them, increase morale, and empower your employees to take control of their retirement savings.
Emerging Wealth Client
Money Management 101
EMBREE FINANCIAL Group (EFG) developed an investment solution for Emerging Wealth Clients because everyone is entitled to professional investment guidance, regardless of account size. The Emerging Wealth Client is intended for clients who are looking to begin, or build upon, securing their financial future and seeking professional investment guidance without paying for extra, unneeded services. What does it take to become an Emerging Wealth Client? Only an initial investment of $5,000.

At EMBREE FINANCIAL, we work hard, every day, to get our clients closer to their individual goals. - Paul Embree

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