Intelligent Portfolios
The Purpose – Let’s Get Started
  • With $5,000, you can begin adding to, or saving for, your future. We believe that everyone is entitled to professional investment guidance regardless of account size.
  • The Emerging Wealth Investment Solutions was designed for clients who seek professional investment guidance, monitoring and oversight but aren’t interested in all the services that traditional wealth management provides.
  • Ideal for new investors that want a smart and consistent investment plan that eases the process of growing wealth.
  • When the timing is right for you, Emerging Wealth Clients always have the flexibility to transfer over to EMBREE Private Wealth Management.

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Kathryn Pride

Director of Retirement Plan Services
How It Works
  • Establish your account, with Charles Schwab, by completing the online goals questionnaire. We will review the output of your questionnaire and follow up regarding your objectives for the account.
  • Once your account is funded, based on our collaboration and your questionnaire, your account will be invested in an EFG Risk-Based Portfolio.
  • Your portfolios assets allocation will be monitored on a continual basis and if it is determined that your allocation stray too far from your target, EMBREE FINANCIAL Group will automatically rebalance your portfolio.

It takes 15 minutes

Account Types

  • Individual Account
  • Joint Account
  • Custodial Account
  • Single Trustee or Two Trustees
  • Community Property

Account Types continued

  • IRA
  • Rollover IRA
  • Rollover ROTH IRA

EFG Risk-Based Portfolios

  • Aggressive Allocation
  • Moderate Growth or Moderate Allocation
  • Balanced Allocation
  • Conservative Allocation
  • Capital Preservation
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